After 18 years working in engineering and education and the arrival of 3 children, a love of gardening took on a new dimension and I decided to take the plunge into garden design. Having completed a design course and the RHS Certificate of Horticulture at RBGE I set up business in 2006. Since then I have enjoyed working with gardens large and small in and around Edinburgh.

A garden that suits you is a joy. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, good bits and bad bits and our needs vary - somewhere to unwind, to lose yourself in thought, a safe place for children to explore and play, a place to entertain, a plot to grow-your-own.... Getting the garden you want need not be a huge upheaval - reshaping the lawn, making a seating area, reviewing the planting may be all it takes.

Sometimes a more radical approach is called for in which case you want to consider your options carefully before embarking on what can be an expensive project. Getting the design and planting right at the outset could save a lot of time and money.